The authentic Tarta de Santiago recipe, the peregrino’s fuel

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Hi tapas lovers.

Maria and myself just came back from walking el Camino de Santiago (primitivo route). During such an amazing trip we made very special friends and shared plenty of Tartas de Santiago. To them, our new “Familia” and to all the Peregrinos of the world, we want to dedicate this post and this recipe, the authentic stuff. From Spain with love.


It is super simple. I did it for first time, and nailed it, so you’d be fine, whatever your cooking skills are.



  1. 250 gr ground almonds, ideally Spanish (for 2 quid you get a 100gr bag in Sainsbury’s)
  2. 250 gr of white sugar
  3. A teaspoon of ground cinnamon
  4. Half a Lemon zest
  5. 4 Eggs (some recipes say 5 or even 6, I did  4 eggs and  nailed it)
  6. Icing sugar

As you can see it’s quite cheap all together. Let’s see the recipe.


Super easy. In a big bowl mix the ground almond, the zest of half a lemon and the cinnamon. Mix well.


Then, in another bowl mix the sugar with the eggs, one by one. Mix well.

IMG_20151016_083336 IMG_20151016_083547

Now we mix both slowly, take your time here. Make sure that everything mixes well:


Once everything is mixed, pour the dough in a 22 to 24 cm pan, greased with butter before. The size of the pan is very important, as we don’t want the Tarta de Santiago to be too thin or too thick. In my case I used a 20cm pan, and had to leave aside some of the dough (as you can see in the oven pic). Preheat the Oven at 180º and cook at this same temperature for 30 minutes.


Before taking it out pinch it with a palillo or stick and see if it comes out dry. if it doesn’t, leave it baking for 5 more minutes. It should have a beautiful brown color like in the pictures.

IMG_20151016_094042 IMG_20151016_094322IMG_20151016_094355


Now, last but not least, download the template for the Santiago Cross and print it. Cut it and put in on the top of the Tarta, and carefully sprinkle icing sugar evenly using a sieve, having practiced before over a dish. Then with care remove the paper cross… and the tarta is ready.


Enjoy it as dessert, with family and friends, all peregrinos of this way called life.

Dedicated to la familia! We miss you :)


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