Where to Buy Spanish food in London: Spandeli

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Where to Buy Spanish food in London: Spandeli

Hi Tapas lovers. Today we visited Spandeli, a place to buy Spanish food in London, so you can prepare the meals and tapas we talk about in here!


It’s located in Dalston Ln, near the Hackney Downs train station. If you live in the north, north east, that’s not hard to find.

spandeli spanish food in London

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The Real Spanish Tortilla Recipe

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The Real Spanish Tortilla Recipe

There are not two equal Spanish Tortillas (or how we call them “Tortilla de Patatas”). Each one is different: some put onion, some put a little bit of garlic, some people put milk! Some will cut the potatoes in dices, some in cubes some in slices… well, it’s been hard to figure out what way is the best. That’s why lately at home we have been mastering the art of Tortilla Making. As someone said “Making a Spanish Tortilla is simple. Making a great Tortilla, is not!”.

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The best Tapas Route in Madrid

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Hi Tapas lovers!

Last week I spent a couple of days in Madrid and I got to do my favourite tapas route in Madrid.

Madrid is one of the best places for Tapas in Spain, with Granada and San Sebastian, and you find quality and variety. So, where to start?

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The secrets of Spanish Clay Pot Cooking

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In my last trip home to Barcelona for Holidays I got this beauty:


A clay pot. A Cassole, or “Cazuela” in spanish, the pot that is used for most of my favorite recipes.

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Pix Bar Islington Review: Awesome Pintxos in London

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UPDATE MAY 2015: As per today the PIX in Islington is closed

Hi Tapas fans, how are things?

Few months ago we blogged about Pinchos and promised to do some Pinchos (or Pintxos) bar review. This weekend Maria and myself realized that we had a Pintxos Bar just around the corner: The Pix-Bar. So we decided to go for dinner and have a look. This is our review.


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