Hi Tapas lovers!

Last week I spent a couple of days in Madrid and I got to do my favourite tapas route in Madrid.

Madrid is one of the best places for Tapas in Spain, with Granada and San Sebastian, and you find quality and variety. So, where to start?

Our starting point is the world famous Plaza Mayor, a small bar in the corner called “Casa RUA“, where we will have a “Bocadillo de Calamares”, yep, a Calamari sandwitch. Sounds weird but tastes awesome!:



It’s greasy, tasty and cheap. Pure old school tapas! Once we are done, we will take a short walk from Plaza Mayor to “Huertas” or “Santa Ana” a square near the centric Puerta del Sol.

Plaza de Santa Ana / Santa Ana Square

Once in Santa Ana, our first stop will be the famous “Calle Alavarez Gato” AKA “Callejon del gato” where we stop to have the famous Bravas, yes, patatas bravas. This place “Las bravas” stablished is all about bravas, in a different way than the bravas you find in Barcelona.




Last, but not least, my all time fav in Madrid, not only for the tapas but for the atmosphere, history… it is “El Abuelo” a legend in the tapas scene since 1906.



El Abuelo is famous for the “Gambas al ajillo”, Garlic Prawns with the add value of being able to watch it’s unique preparation.


As you can see for the number of “Cañas” (beer) I had to stop here, but take my advice: Other places are made for tourist, look better and look traditional.. but those three are absolutely the real thing. As authentic as it gets.

Do you have any favourite tapas bar in Madrid?


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