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One of the reasons to start this blog was helping British tapas lovers to find the “real” thing in Tapas available London. We were told that Boqueria Tapas was one of the “must go” in London and so we did, and this is our review of our experience in the Clapham restaurant.



The main thing to call out, is that our night in Boqueria was like being back home in Barcelona.

The decoration, the staff, the guests (60% of the customers were Spanish), the food, the noise, the beer! Everything was like a normal Friday dinner with friends in Barcelona.

If they wanted to capture the essence of a Tapas restaurant, bang, they nailed it.



Nothing like a truly cold Estrella to feel like home!


The food

The tapas were frankly good. They were the REAL thing. We can discuss about the quality of the products, but at least the preparation and presentation was the right one.

It’s the first time we find in London “real” tapas and not the “english-version-of-tapas” which basically ends up with chorizo everywhere.


We were so immerse on our food that I completely forgot about taking pictures, sorry!

As you can see the presentation is the right one, the wood table for the “Pulpo a la gallega”, a good “tabla” of chorizo and “embutidos”, some cheese with nuts (good detail) and a proper bread with tomato (“pa amb tomaquet”).

The servings were not big, that was the only complaint. Not that it’s exclusive from Boqueria Tapas, we see this everywhere, but we missed a bit more of quantity. Let’s talk straight: In La Tasca you have the same small sizes but they are not even close to a “tapa”. I wonder who told La Tasca what “Fabada” is, but this is for another post.

Back to Boqueria, the desserts were excellent! I got the Vanilla Ice cream with Pedro Ximenez and was delicious. Maria got the “Leche frita” a dish that her family masters (we need to have her sharing the recipe!) and our friend got the cheese cake (yep, not very Spanish choice).

The staff

Spanish (it’s up to you to decide if this is a good or bad thing).

The Price

A bit pricey for the immigrants pockets, but worth the effort.

boqueria tapas bill

The bill for a 3 people dinner

As you can see in the bill we had Wine and Desserts. That pushed the bill up to £25 per person (as a good Spanish place, Service is not included). Well, that’s what you pay in any other place in London, isn’t it?

Verdict & Conclusion:

Totally Recommended. Best since! We will definitely come over again, but being mindful that we will have to count some coppers to get the most out of it!

The best: The atmosphere.

The worst: Sizes! Tapas are small dishes, but still. We don’t mind paying a little but we hate end up hungry. To be honest they are not very different to the sizes you’d find in Barcelona, but we are used to Asturias and other places were the portions are larger.

The tip:

If you plan to go, give them a ring! it was packed!

The comment from Maria:

“It’s the right place to feel like in Barcelona for a night”

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