Where to Buy Spanish food in London: Spandeli

Hi Tapas lovers. Today we visited Spandeli, a place to buy Spanish food in London, so you can prepare the meals and tapas we talk about in here!


It’s located in Dalston Ln, near the Hackney Downs train station. If you live in the north, north east, that’s not hard to find.

spandeli spanish food in London

The shop is beautiful and you’ll find the “Spanish” essentials: Rice, Spanish Ham. I was specially delighted to find all the cookware required to cook the Authentic Paella (including the stand and burners, together around £60).

Some of the stuff you can find:

  1. All kinds of olive oil
  2. Dry meats: Fuet, Serrano Ham, Chorizo… (ask about the “Compango”, the meat required to prepare Fabada).
  3. Rice, the Spanish one. As discussed in the Paella post, the rice we use in Spain is “short and fat”, not like the basmati (more popular in the UK).
  4. Spanish wines and beers
  5. Olives, mussels and other typical spanish apperitives
  6. Spanish legums (beans, lentils, chickpeas) to cook some of the most traditional spanish dishes
  7. And much much more

Price was good, and Rosana was very nice. Definetly recommended to get the goods you need to run your Spanish Fiesta or dinner.

To find out more about them you can find them in Facebook or Twitter.

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