Pix Bar Islington Review: Awesome Pintxos in London

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UPDATE MAY 2015: As per today the PIX in Islington is closed

Hi Tapas fans, how are things?

Few months ago we blogged about Pinchos and promised to do some Pinchos (or Pintxos) bar review. This weekend Maria and myself realized that we had a Pintxos Bar just around the corner: The Pix-Bar. So we decided to go for dinner and have a look. This is our review.


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Spanish Pinchos, everything you need to know

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What are Pinchos

Pinchos translation to English would be “Sticks”. And that’s because “Pinchos” are a unique kind of Tapas made in the Basque Country, which are basically a slice of bread (like a Baguette), with something in the top of it and all crossed by a toothpick. That’s why they are called “Sticks”. Easy, isn’t it?

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