The authentic Tarta de Santiago recipe, the peregrino’s fuel

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Hi tapas lovers.

Maria and myself just came back from walking el Camino de Santiago (primitivo route). During such an amazing trip we made very special friends and shared plenty of Tartas de Santiago. To them, our new “Familia” and to all the Peregrinos of the world, we want to dedicate this post and this recipe, the authentic stuff. From Spain with love.


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Torrijas an Easter classic recipe

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Happy Easter everyone. Today we prepared a Spanish Easter classic recipe:  Torrijas, also called “Torradetes de Santa Teresa” in Catalonia. Torrijas are very similar to the French toast, but with the Spanish way of cooking.

This is one of my childhood favorites and it’s an easy and fun one to prepare. It’s meant to be a dessert but I’ll ahve them fro breakfast. So, still with the cinnamon smell at home, this is how to prepare them!


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Crema Catalana Recipe, the most popular Spanish dessert

Posted by on Jan 4, 2014 in Cataluña, Desserts, Recipes | 1 comment

“La crema catalana” is one of the most famous Spanish desserts. It will appear in most of the restaurants menus, and chances are that yourself have got it many times in your visits to the Iberian peninsula.

There’s the French versions, of course,  the “Crème Brûlée“, but we will use the traditional catalan recipe, share by Santi from “Restaurant la Pepita“.

It’s super easy to prepare and super tasty.



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Don’t call them “Cocoa dusted Almonds”. Call them “Catanies”

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Today we inaugurated the christmas shopping season going to Harrods. Besides thousands of tourists we found something really surprising and unexpected for us: Catanies! But they were called… “Cocoa Dusted Almonds”. So, what are Catanies in first place?

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