“La crema catalana” is one of the most famous Spanish desserts. It will appear in most of the restaurants menus, and chances are that yourself have got it many times in your visits to the Iberian peninsula.

There’s the French versions, of course,  the “Crème Brûlée“, but we will use the traditional catalan recipe, share by Santi from “Restaurant la Pepita“.

It’s super easy to prepare and super tasty.



Ingredients (all British)

These are the ingredients you’ll need to have between 6 and 8 “cremas”:

Luego los ingredientes: (El resultado varía entre 6 y 8 cremas por litro)

-1 Liter of Whole milk.

-7 eggs (we’ll only use the yolk)

-150gr of white sugar

-35gr of Cornflour or Corn Starch.

-Half a stick of Cinnamon

-The skin of half a lemon (make sure no lemon gets in).


In a pot heat 3/4 of the milk, the sugar, the cinnamon stick, and the lemon skin. Stir well the sugar.


Meanwhile in a bowl mix wel the Cornflour, the egg and the rest of the milk (cold). Stir well until the cornflour is properly “melted” (like a thin sauce).



When the mix on the pot is about to boil (you’ll see the milk rising) quickly pour the mix from the bowl to the pot, and stir gently and constantly until you see the color changing and you feel the texture to be thickening. Then, remove from the heat and strain with a strainer (to remove the cinnamon mainly) and pour to the cups or recipients where you plan to serve.

Sometimes you`ll have to do last minute adjustments like this, when the mix had more cornflour than required and had to be thinned with milk.


If you find your “crema catalana” to be that thick, remove from the heat immediately and add milk to thin the mix

Remember to leave them cooling for at least 2-3 hours prior to consumption.



One of the most important parts of the Crema Catalana is the burnt sugar on the top. In the Catalan restaurants it’s done with a cooking tool that is heated directly on the fire (super cheap to buy), but now there are some awesome electric ones (if you are a serial Crema Catalana consumer).

crema-catalana sugar burner

For us (I guess that you are the same) who only prepare them from time to time, our advice is to user the broiler oven, at maximum power.

Remember: Do it (burning the sugar) once they are cooled and ready to serve, not when you prepare them.

And that’s all! Have them earlier as possible (before 2 days after preparation) and enjoy them after a Tapas meal or an authentic Paella!



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  1. 2-11-2014

    Just one correction!
    Only 35 gr. of Cornflour per liter!
    Sorry if i made the mistake !!

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