Don’t call them “Cocoa dusted Almonds”. Call them “Catanies”

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Today we inaugurated the christmas shopping season going to Harrods. Besides thousands of tourists we found something really surprising and unexpected for us: Catanies! But they were called… “Cocoa Dusted Almonds”. So, what are Catanies in first place?


Catanies are a chocolate delicatessen from a town called Villafranca del Penedés, in the province of Barcelona (Catalonia). Basically it’s an toasted caramelized almond, surrounded by white chocolate and dusted with cocoa.

They were created during the decade of the 30’s by a Catalan chocolatier called  Joan Tens I Ribas, and they have become one of the most popular chocolates in Catalonia.

The ones we bought at Harrods were not exactly “Catanies”, they were done in a thick layer of milk chocolate (not white) and the almond was not caramelized. They were good, tho, but really missed the soft and mouth watering taste of a true catania from Vilafranca. I hope we can find them soon in the UK markets!



If you want to delight your friends after a succulent tapas lunch or dinner, Catànies are the perfect ending to a Spanish meal, served with some Catalan Moscatell (Muscat wine) like this available to buy in UK.

We promise to add the recipe done by us really soon. Meanwhile you can have the almonds at Harrods, which are not bad at all.


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  1. 11-26-2013

    Oh it is a delicatessen.
    I love this…
    But Xavi… as Catalan as you are… what about of Crema Catalana?
    If u want i can give you the receipt.

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