Estrella Damm brings La Boqueria Market to London…

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…and we eternally that you for that Estrella!

If you are reading this before May 2nd, stop reading and head over Spitafields! Show is on from 12pm to 9:30pm until Monday the 2nd.

london-estrella-boqueria-2So yeah, as simple and complex as it sounds, during this long weekend of May 1st, the world famous beer from Barcelona, Estrella Damm (and my favourite, goes without saying) has brought to London some of the best tapas bars and restaurants of la Boqueria and Barcelona so we expats, Londoners and tourists can enjoy some real good food in Spitafields Market.

Of course we had to go and check it out. So we grabbed some friends, went over there and this is what happened.

Just arrived (Friday afternoon) we grabbed few beers and checked out as many stall as we could. This is an overall lookup of how Spitafields looks like La Boqueria for a couple of days:

 london-estrella-boqueria-6 london-estrella-boqueria-5


To eat we tried to divide and conquer to taste as many things as possible. All the ingredients had been brought from Barcelona, hence que quality of the food.. from cheese, jamon, fuet, paella and some delicious home made croquetas!

london-estrella-boqueria-tapas london-estrella-boqueria-1

We even met this amazing stall for Catalan Vegan / Vegetarian food (BTW they are looking for a partner in London, interested?).


So, how was the Food? Excellent!. The beer? Pricey, 4 quid for a bottle of Estrella (especially being from Barcelona and used to pay 2€ for it…).  The overall atmosphere? I’m being 100% honest here: For a couple of hours it was like being back home, in some fisherman’s Mediterranean village having some beers with friends after a summer day. Although it was nothing like summer, the feeling was so familiar that took us back to the sunny times by the beach!

Well done Estrella! You made our weekend, please make this more often!
Xavi & Maria

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