Foodie&Tours: the reference of local food travel experiences in Spain

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Foodie&Tours: the reference of local food travel experiences in Spain

Love Spain? Love Food? Love discovering Spain and it’s food like a local? Then, pay attention to this.

Foodie&Tours is the first onestop shop offering hand picked gastronomical experiences in Spain. A new way to travel and discover the best Food of your next destination.

Culinary routes in a sidecar or a vintage van, ‘calçotadas’ in the middle of vineyards, workshops to learn how to cook regional recipes and countryside circuits that reveal how local ingredients are grown and obtained; these are just a few of the many options the platform offers to foodies visiting Barcelona, Madrid,  a Rioja, San Sebastián, Majorca, the Canary Islands and Andalusia, among other popular destinations in the country.

Cava Tasting_Tasting

With Food Tourism becoming a growing niche in world tourism ($150billion, according to the World Food Travel Association), and other salient trends such as the pursuit of “Traveling like a Local” and the rise of the “Slow Food Movement”, it is apparent that sampling the regional cuisine when travelling plays a big part in the decision making process both for seasoned and novice travellers.
In the words of Foodie&Tours’ CEO:

“Our philosophy is simple. Food is culture, and we want to share it with everyone; we like to be able to not only savour excellent food and wine, but also get to know about the people behind every flavour. This is the core of all of our experiences.”

Launch_Cooking Classes

Gathering a growing selection of 150 experiences carefully selected by their local experts, provides an informative and simple booking solution without the need to consult loads of websites, and is becoming the goto website for those seeking authentic and unique local food experiences in Spain.

Cava Tasting_Vineyards


From the Real Tapas we wish Foodie&Tours all the best and encourage you to book a unique experience with them!



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