UPDATE MAY 2015: As per today the PIX in Islington is closed

Hi Tapas fans, how are things?

Few months ago we blogged about Pinchos and promised to do some Pinchos (or Pintxos) bar review. This weekend Maria and myself realized that we had a Pintxos Bar just around the corner: The Pix-Bar. So we decided to go for dinner and have a look. This is our review.



The bar is very small, but without reservation on a Friday night we managed to get a table with stools (shared with more people which was great, that will never happen in Spain but we love sharing tables!). The atmosphere was sensational, good music, good vibe, very Islingtonish, if that’s a word.

The Pintxos

Note: Pintxos are not Tapas. If you want to know the differences, read this post.

Honestly, very good. It was a bit weird cause Pintxos always have a slice of bread (that’s why they are pinchos, they need a toothpick to hold the thing all together), and these didn’t, they mixed a little bit Pintxos and Tapas, but everything else was as it should.

The Real Tapas is about the real thing, the proper tapas. And we have to say that in Pix, they do have the authentic stuff! They also had some “English compromise” like having Churros con Chocolate as pincho (a bit WTF), but everything else was great. Very similar to the pintxos you’d find on any bar in San Sebastian or Barcelona. 

Part of the ritual of having pintxos is that you grab a dish and pick them as you wish, then they charge you based on the sticks you have. That’s exactly the same in Pix, what is cool!

We got Tortilla de Patatas, Buñuelos de Bacalao (excellent!), Chorizo and Croquetas.

pinchos in london

We missed the Bravas tho. They looked awesome! They are constantly adding new pintxos to the bar, so take it easy and don’t grab too many each round.

The Beer

Special mention here to the fact that they had Estrella (oh yeah!) and…. Moritz!. Moritz beer is an awesome story (a brewery closed in the 60’s and reopened in the 2000’s), someday we’ll blog it, but it’s a typical/traditional beer from Barcelona only, you won’t find it anywhere else… that’s why it’s SO awesome to find it in this place.

estrella and moritz barcelona beers

The 2 beers in Barcelona: Moritz and Estrella

They also offer Cava and a range of proper Catalan and Spanish wines as well as cocktails and Sprits:

drink menu



There are two kinds of pinchos: Small (£1.95) and large (£2.95). Most of them are large, and to have a proper dinner you’ll have at least 3 of each. We paid  £31, for 4 beers and the pintxos in the pic. Not expensive, given the quality and the proper food! Tapas in London are always expensive, at least these ones are good!


SUPER recommended! And now that we discovered it, we’ll be coming very ofter to have a Moritz and a Pintxo!

See you there!

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