The Real Spanish Tortilla Recipe

There are not two equal Spanish Tortillas (or how we call them “Tortilla de Patatas”). Each one is different: some put onion, some put a little bit of garlic, some people put milk! Some will cut the potatoes in dices, some in cubes some in slices… well, it’s been hard to figure out what way is the best. That’s why lately at home we have been mastering the art of Tortilla Making. As someone said “Making a Spanish Tortilla is simple. Making a great Tortilla, is not!”.

After testing different techniques, this is how we (Maria and Xavier) believe that you are going to nail your tortilla. Pay Attention!

You’ll need:

  • Olive Oil – Spanish, of course!
  • 2 Large white new potatoes (make sure they are suitable for frying, we don’t want mash potatoes!). if you don’t know what to choose, pick the whiter.
  • 5 large eggs
  • One onion
  • Teaspoon of salt

That’s it! Pretty simple, isn’t it?

Let’s get on.

Pour olive oil in a pan. Peel and slice the Potatoes in thin layers (half an inch max). We need them to be very very cooked (until they break apart, so the thinner the sooner we’ll have them ready). We don’t want to make a smash, so don’t go too thin either!


Chop the onion and fry all together at medium – low heat. And let it fry until they break when you touch them with a fork.

While the potatoes are slowly frying, mix the eggs in a bowl with a teaspoon of salt.

When the potatoes are ready, drain the oil from the potatoes (keep the oil for later) and mix the potatoes with the egg, and give it a couple of steers with the fork.

Now you have to make a decision: do you want a small fat/thick tortilla or a larger one but thinner? And do you want it well cooked or not so well (as they have it in many places in Spain)?


In Madrid they cook it like this, very thick

Small and thick Tortilla

If you go for the small and thick, then use a small but thick pan. Poor some of the oil (just a little bit) from the frying and pour the egg with the potato inside. Cook it RELLY slow, the slower you can, as it will take a while to cook inside, and the use of a lid is welcomed. When it’s cooked in the borders (as they are in contact with the pan they cook faster) you can use a fork to stir it, bringing the cooked borders to the middle. When you see that it’s cooked enough to turn it around, grad a dish and turn it upside down to cook it in the other side. It will look like this:


Ready to serve

Large thin Tortilla

If you go for the thin large tortilla pour some oil in a large pan (typically the one you used for frying the potatoes) and when it’s hot (medium heat) pour the mix of egg and potatoes. Then Cook it medium heat for 3 minutes approx. Make sure it’s cooked enough in the middle to turn it over. If it’s not, stir it up a little bit with a fork.

Use a dish to turn it upside down and let cook for 3 more minutes. Should look like this:


Large thin Tortilla

Questions? Comments? Have you ever tried it? We would love to hear from you!!
Xavi and Maria

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