Spanish Chorizo Roll

One of the amazing things of living in London is to see (and taste) the adaptation of certain Spanish dishes to the English Culture.

One of the results of such combination is the “Chorizo Roll” that you can find in plenty of Spanish stalls in street food markets al over the country.




Like this one:


So, sorry for telling this (don’t hate us!) but this is not the real thing, we don’t eat “Chorizo Rolls” in Spain. That being said, we should! Because it’s delicious.

The preparation is no secret, and we did at home to take some pics for this post. We just added some Manchego Cheese to it. It took us 5 minutes and total cost in under £3 per roll.

You just need:

  1. Spanish chorizo
  2. A Roll
  3. rocket
  4. Manchego cheese / pimiento
  5. Some oil

And this is how you make it! Super easy! Just remember not to fry the chorizo too much.


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