Happy Easter everyone. Today we prepared a Spanish Easter classic recipe:  Torrijas, also called “Torradetes de Santa Teresa” in Catalonia. Torrijas are very similar to the French toast, but with the Spanish way of cooking.

This is one of my childhood favorites and it’s an easy and fun one to prepare. It’s meant to be a dessert but I’ll ahve them fro breakfast. So, still with the cinnamon smell at home, this is how to prepare them!



  • 4 Eggs
  • Bread (not for toast, a big bread like the one in the pic)
  • Milk (1 pint)
  • 1 lemon skin
  • Cinammon Sticks
  • Cinammon ground
  • Olive oil
  • Sugar




Boil the milk with the cinnamon stick and the skin of a lemon. If you do it the night before and let it all night in the fridge, the better.



Slice the bread in half an inch slices approximately.



Then let them soak in the milk until they are properly soaked. Do it one by one.

Beat the eggs and once the slice is soaked in milk, soak it in egg.


The next step is, thenfrying them in the pan with olive oil (a gentle layer of oil is required and you’ll have to add constantly as it will be soaked by the Torrija).



Once the Torrija is done, prepare a dish with Sugar and the Cinnamon ground. I love cinnamon so y pour a lot, it’s up to you how much using here.



Drop the Torrija on the sugar mix, both sides, and that’s it! Keeping the “production” chain running is tricky, you might need help!



Have you ever had Torrijas? Please let us know in the comments and remember to Share this post!

Xavi and Maria

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